JL Herrera.

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Jose Luis Herrera

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I am passionate about software development in all its areas, Frontend, Backend & Devops.


Senior Software Engineer

Logo GYT Continental Bank

GYT Continental Bank

Marzo 2022 - Current

Guatemala, Guatemala, (Hybrid)

  • - I led the redesign and implementation of new functionalities for an online banking mobile application, improving the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • - Implemented the user interface and user experience of the mobile application, creating intuitive and engaging designs that improved usability and increased user retention.
  • - I effectively and timely resolved issues and bugs in the online banking mobile app, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability for users.
  • - I worked in a SCRUM team, collaborating with back-end developers and other team members to ensure deadlines and quality of work were met.
  • - I developed web services for the mobile application, improving the integration and functionality of the application.
  • -
  • Typescript, Javascript, Ionic, Angular, RxJs, NgRx, Nodejs, .Net, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Azure Devops

Full Stack Engineer

Logo Blautech


Jul 2021 - Feb 2022

Guatemala - México, (Remote)

  • - I used external APIs to implement new functionalities in high quality web applications.
  • - Utilicé APIs externas para implementar nuevas funcionalidades en aplicaciones web de alta calidad.
  • - I developed and implemented the SIM portability feature for the telecommunications company Telefónica, ensuring that it was delivered on time and meeting the highest quality standards.
  • - I worked in a team using agile methodologies to carry out projects effectively and efficiently.
  • - I handled high concurrency situations, ensuring that applications ran smoothly even at times of peak demand.
  • - I used advanced non-relational database modeling techniques to design scalable and high quality solutions.
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  • Typescript, Angular, RxJs, MongoDB, Kubernetes, NestJS, Azure

Full Stack Engineer

Logo Estudio Faser

Estudio Faser

Jan 2021 - Jul 2021

Guatemala, Guatemala, (Remote)

  • - As a systems specialist, I researched, diagnosed and corrected complex system problems, ensuring that the solutions I implemented were in line with the highest quality standards.
  • - I contributed to the development and implementation of new modules in existing and new business projects, ensuring that projects were delivered on schedule and met the highest quality standards.
  • - I was responsible for adapting databases to the changing needs of clients, ensuring that the performance and usability of the systems were not affected.
  • - I implemented secure API's using JWT for security management, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data and information.
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  • Typescript, Angular, Nodejs, Express, SQL Server, Mysql, Sequelize, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Azure Devops


Logo San Carlos University of Guatemala

San Carlos University of Guatemala

Jan 2018 - Jun 2022

Guatemala, Guatemala

  • Science and systems engineering degree